Frequently Asked Questions at DSTV Installation Germiston

Do you offer relocation services ?

Yes we do, are you relocating to a new apartment or area, let us help you and get your DSTV system installed in no time at all.

Do you offer signal tracing?

Yes we do, we understand just how annoying it is when your signal is down or not picking up correctly. Let our team of professionals get your signal running smoothly again.

Can you provide DSTV Installation services for lodges and hotels?

Of course we do, we work hand in hand with property developers who use us to install multiple DSTV systems, if they trust us, you should too.

Do you do provide repair services?

Yes we do, we are fully accredited andhave fully trained technicians that will provide you with the best repair services possible.

Do you offer internet connection services?

Yes we do, let our team of professionals get your DSTV internet system setup today.


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